October 28, 2019

Understanding the emotional and psychological effects of diabetes is crucial to embracing prevention

Individuals at risk of prediabetes or diabetes often fear the physical effects, but in many cases fail to consider the emotional and psychological implications of the […]
August 13, 2019

Glycemic Index: What’s the Catch?

If you’ve done your research on prediabetes and diabetes, you’ve most likely come across information regarding the Glycemic Index (GI). Ranking carbohydrates by the effect they […]
August 13, 2019

Omri Casspi Surprise Video: Where Basketball Meets Diabetes

Omri Casspi is not only a seasoned basketball player, but an Israeli legend.  Now, starting his coming home to make us proud in blue and white […]
July 11, 2019

11 Things You Didn’t Know About the Microbiome

You may have heard the term microbiome pop up all over the place and have some idea of what it is by now (hint: bacteria). We […]
June 18, 2019

What Your Microbiome Has to Do with Controlling Your Blood Glucose Levels

In a recent blog titled, DayTwo Review and Promo Code, Carley Schweet asks two important questions: “Why do I need to test my microbiome?” and “What […]
June 18, 2019

Interview with Richard Sprague

It’s rare to find a consumer based product that is backed by real science.   I’ve been an avid follower of Richard Spragues (CEO of AI-based […]
June 11, 2019
prediabetes vs. diabetes

Timely Intervention: Why Prediabetes Does Not Have to Be a Prequel to Diabetes

  Diabetes is affecting an increasing number of individuals across the globe, most of whom believe they are simply a victim of their genetic makeup and other […]
November 16, 2017

How to get through this Thanksgiving without feeling like a stuffed turkey

It’s that time of year again: We’re mourning the loss of summer and gearing up for the winter. On the bright side, we have Thanksgiving to […]